AL-SPL01 Series Mast Lamp

·500/1000W LED Lighting; Max total flux up to 114000lm;

·An independent PMMA optical lens, effectively inhibit glare and scattered light.

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  • Applications

    Applicable to large soccer fields, rugby fields, golf courses, ski slopes, racetracks and sports training venues.

  • Independent Lens Make Precise Light Distrlbution

    An independent PMMA optical lens, precise light distribution, effectively inhibit glare and scattrerd light.

  • 3D Rotating Bracket

    Three-dimensional rotary stent design, horizontal, vertical adjustable, with a clear scale table, angle adjustable as demands.

  • Professional Light Distribution

    Independent control handle design, with three-dimensional rotating bracket, adjust the lamp angle more convenient.

Product ModelPower(W)Total Flux(lm)Input VoltagePFCCT(K)CRILED R9Beam Angle
AL-SPL01-060050048000100-277VAC 50/60Hz>0.955700Ra>90>20Narrow/Middle/Wide
AL-SPL01-1200100098500100-277VAC 50/60Hz>0.955700Ra>90>20

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